Network Traffic Monitoring

Network Traffic Monitor

Network Traffic Monitoring ideas and guides.

Every network administrator knows that it is important to keep your network’s traffic flowing.

This is where network traffic monitoring comes in.

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A network traffic monitoring is a system used for tracking down and monitoring all the activity that is going around your network. It acts as a spy around your system so that you are aware if the other computers are performing all their vital functions. Apart from this, it alerts you whenever one of your computers are having problems such as virus, network connection failure, or power outages.

Network traffic monitoring must be done on a computer or a system that has a dedicated power line. This is because a network monitor plays a critical role in your network. It inform the administer if the other computers are experiencing malfunction and system failures.

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Network monitoring is usually done by sending a test to the other computers. For instance, a “ping” will be sent to computer A. If computer A does not respond, the network monitoring system would then send a signal or alert to the administrator notifying that computer A is having troubles.

There are also network monitor systems that monitors by taking snapshots of the network’s workflow. This way, the administrator would know if the other computers are experiencing irregularities. Please also why you are here ready our privacy policy so that you know we look after your data.

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