Bandwidth Monitoring Software

Network Bandwidth Monitoring Software

Bandwidth Monitoring Software technology.

As Bandwidth Monitoring Software technology has advanced it is also being abused.

 Many people use the technology in abusive way. They don’t think about other’s right to technology. Now the internet is being abused by illegal bandwidth consumption.

A lot of people abuse it by consuming too much bandwidth.

Network bandwidth manager

This calls for the need of Network Bandwidth Monitoring Software.

It is really important to have a network bandwidth manger.


Network bandwidth manager

Network bandwidth manager keeps a check on network traffic. It keeps check on network traffic trends and makes changes in network accordingly. Network bandwidth manager analyzes the historic trends of network.

Bandwidth monitor software lets you analyze your network traffic on your WAN and LAN in real time.

By using a network bandwidth manager you can also see who in being connected to your network. Sometimes our WAN network is not password protected. When network is not password protected many people can connect to your network and they can consume your precious bandwidth.

Bandwidth Monitoring Software

You need to avoid such accidents by first keeping a password on your network and also you need to install a bandwidth monitor. Bandwidth monitor informs you if an unknown computer connects to your network, you can easily block that computer from your network.

bandwidth monitoring software

Network bandwidth manager software lets you keep a track of your available bandwidth limit. It keeps reminding you how much you have consumed and how much is left behind. Network bandwidth manager software decreases the size of HTML pages, CSS pages and also the size of JavaScript being played on the web pages.

In short the bandwidth manager does everything to save your precious bandwidth from being wasted.

Bandwidth manager keeps a check on your bandwidth usage.

There are many people on your network, even on your home network who download heavy media files and deprive other people of bandwidth. So this can cause network congestion. You can save yourself from network congestion by using a bandwidth manager.

A bandwidth manger also keeps a check on your upload and downloads. You can set a limit that how many MBs you want to upload and download.


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